Light was shed this week on the unbelieveably legal credit fraud that was committed by The Blackstone Group (owners of Sea World,, and many other companies).  They are the douchebag of the week for engaging in practices as a company, that would get any individual thrown in jail.   So, corporations are people, except where breaking the law is concerned.

According to Wikipedia, Blackstone is a multinational private equity, investment banking, alternative asset management and financial services corporation.  It was founded by these two douchebags, who made the bulk of their money working for Lehman Brothers.

stephen schwarzman2

Stephen Schwarzman

peter george peterson

Peter George Peterson

In layman’s terms here’s how I understand it.  Unaffiliated company A took out a loan of 35 million dollars.  Blackstone bought  bonds and CDS on company A, then told company A they would pay them 35 million dollars to pay the interest payment on their loan 2 days late, which would require company A to pay their entire loan (of 35 million dollars) in full.  It would also cause a 197 million dollar payout to Blackstone and it’s investors, because the bonds they bought were insured, and guaranteed to be paid on time.

And this is all legal.

Check out these articles for a much better explanation.

Bloomberg Article 1

Bloomberg Article 2

Blackstone &  Codere Exposed on The Daily Show!

Blackstone owns (among many others) a telephone company, a global media company, Michael’s (yes, the craft store which it owns with Bain Capital.  Bain ring any bells?), a medical device company (now you know why the Republicans are pushing SO hard to repeal the medical device tax that is part of Obamacare), a soft drink company, the Sea World franchise, and Hilton Hotels as well as their very lucrative insurance fraud scheme.

These douchebags need to stop fucking America, and go fuck themselves.

stephen schwarzman3



Peter Brabeck has been caught on film ranting about one of his issues.  How water is not a basic human right, and that it should be allowed to be privatized, so corporations can turn a profit on it, as well as decide who is worthy of water and who isn’t.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only strike we have against Nestle, they also do absolutely nothing to interfere or stop the child labor that is used to harvest the cocoa, 600,000 of them, most of whom get no pay.

Nestle was listed in the Global Fortune 500 as the most profitable company in the world in 2011 and 9th in 2013 with 233 billion a year.  They have 29 subcompanies or products that pull in an annual revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

And they want to control your water supply.  Don’t buy Nestle products, as HARD as it’s going to be.

Products include:

Gerber products

L’Oreal (one of the main shareholders)

Stouffer’s products

Carnation products

Willy Wonka products

San Pelligrino

Spillers dog food (UK)


Dryers Ice Cream

Hot Pockets

Jenny Craig

Kraft Frozen Pizzas in the US

Coffe Mate

Dolce Gusto




Sweet Leaf Tea

Bottled Water ( Aqualrel, Arrowhead Water, Contrex, Deer Park Spring, Ice Mountain, Nestle Pure Life, Ozarka, Perrier, Poland Spring, San Pelligrino, vittel)

Carnation (milk)

Juicy Juice




Chocolate (Aero, After 8, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Caramac, Coffee Crisp, Milky Bar, Kit Kat, Lion Bar, Nestle Crunch, Power Bar, Rolo, Smarties)

Haagen-Dazs (US & Canada only)






Lean Cuisine

Dog Chow

Purina One


Gerber Life Insurance

Libbys canned fruits

Maggi Products

It’s all here

Child Labor for Cocoa

Water is NOT a basic human right


Vicki Marble (R) Colorado

Vicki Marble

Oh, Colorado…. Just when I was starting to like you, you go and ruin it for me. When most people think of Colorado and they think of  the picturesque post card scenery or beautiful  mountains covered in fresh snow, filled with beautiful snow bunnies giving out hand fulls of legal marijuana. No? Is that just me? Turns out no matter how progressive your state is’ chances are you have an undercover bigot representing you. Now these undercover bigots are very hard to spot because they’re so well versed in lying about being a bigot or racist that they have begun to believe their lies. Point in case.  Viki Marble come on down your next on the douche bag showcase list!!

Republican Senator for Colorado’s 23rd district’  Vicki Marble has landed herself on the douche bag list for her blatant racist comments towards African Americans and Hispanic Americans. It really makes one think if the SCOTUS, really thought through the decision to repeal the Voting Rights Act. If blatant racism is okay by the standards of our elected officials, then we as a society are doomed to live in an unjust world for longer than necessary. It is our duty as voters to make sure when an ELECTED official steps out of line in such a manner that it breaks moral and ethical standards that we replace them with someone who can truly represent the good of the people without letting their own personal feelings, and beliefs guide them. You are not the to represent your interests, you represent THE PEOPLE’S interest.


The Forward Corporation is pissed about Obamacare being a mandate so it’s letting it’s employees that they refuse to offer them healthcare and if the Government persists, they will cut their hours to avoid having to offer them anything.

They own restaurants, convenience stores and “affordable” energy.

They own most of the Shell stations in Michigan as well as the Subway franchises within those service stations.

They own the Super 8 in Houghton Lake and West Branch Michigan as well as the Quality Inn in West Branch Michigan

They own Lumber Jack Food and Spirits Restaurant in Michigan

Check this out



Doesn’t want to pay for worker’s to have affordable healthcare under any circumstances.  Fast food workers are far to easily replaceable to worry about healthcare evidently.

See this

and this

Might as well show you this

And then there’s this one





Subway has jumped on the bandwagon with cutting employee hours to avoid having to provide it’s employees with affordable healthcare.  Subway is a franchise business and isn’t owned and operated by the same douchebags.  So far the following states have said their subway will be cutting hours.  Maine & Florida known so far.

Kennebunk Maine

Subway slashes hours

forever 21


Not only are they a religiously motivated business, they also refuse to provide their employees with healthcare, which I’m sure is what God told them to do.  With the Affordable Healthcare Act looming in the distance as a mandatory part of owning a business, they have decided that in a downward spiraling economy, what the world really needs isn’t healthcare, but less hours at a below liveable wage. WWJD?

Cutting Hours

Cutting Hours

Cutting Hours

When business report profit margins in the millions, they have NO excuse for not providing their employees with a liveable wage and affordable healthcare.  Period.

dennys hurricane grill

John Metz owns Denny’s and Hurricane Grill & Wings and has no problems telling the world that he hates the Affordable Healthcare Act so much he’s willing to cut all his employees to under 29 hours so he won’t have to worry about them making rent or getting healthcare when they are sick.  The executive chiefs of these companies say Metz shouldn’t be spouting off and that they don’t support his views, but he OWNS the companies.


Obamacare surcharge

A scolding


red lobsterolive garden

Jumped on the bandwagon to make employees part time to avoid having to provide them with Affordable Healthcare.

Profit Plunge

And the medicare debacle

Not My Fault!


AAA parking


Parking company largely based in Georgia, Tennessee and Florida

They really don’t want to have to provide affordable healthcare for it’s employees

Their locations