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don gaetz


Don Gaetz is a Republican member of the Florida Senate and is Senate President for the 2013-2015 session.  He’s also under investigation for Medicare fraud.

Latest Scandal

Which makes the video below hilarious in our opinion.



There aren’t enough slang terms and backwoods sayings to get us through any type of explanation as to why Sarah Palin has landed herself a permanent place on The Douchebag List, so we won’t even try.  If you really, REALLY need to know why she belongs here, please feel free to randomly google her name, or just click a link.

Top 10 Dumbest Quotes

Queen Of Stupid


Strictly Business



michele bachmann

Michele Bachmann isn’t just an ignorant politician that spouts ignorant rhetoric and personal fantasy, she’s also a criminal!  We shouldn’t be surprised, it’s a prerequisite for Congress.

She Did Bad Bad Things With Money

Baaad Bad Things

1 of 80 bagillion Stupid Michele Bachmann Quote Websites

1 of 80 bagillion Stupid Michele Bachmann Quote Websites

1 of 80 bagillion Stupid Michele Bachmann Quote Websites

A Facebook Page Of Moronic Michele Bachmann Quotes

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heritage foundation

The Heritage Foundation tries very hard to push an armed, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration agenda and try to pass it off as fact.  They get all of their information wrong and help perpetuate the right wing capitalist oppression.  Anyone that cites or funds this organization needs to be on the Douchebag List and if they aren’t, please let us know.

Their thoughts on Gay Marriage

Their thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling in US vs Windsor

Their thoughts on gun control

Their thoughts on immigration



Rick Perry

Here is Rick Perry saying allowing gay scouts into the boy scouts would be the decline of America.

He’s also very anti-woman.




This woman is worse than male politicians that want to limit a woman’s rights over her own body.  For a woman to be anti-woman is beyond insane and deplorable.

She’s also anti-child healthcare evidently.