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Peter Brabeck has been caught on film ranting about one of his issues.  How water is not a basic human right, and that it should be allowed to be privatized, so corporations can turn a profit on it, as well as decide who is worthy of water and who isn’t.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only strike we have against Nestle, they also do absolutely nothing to interfere or stop the child labor that is used to harvest the cocoa, 600,000 of them, most of whom get no pay.

Nestle was listed in the Global Fortune 500 as the most profitable company in the world in 2011 and 9th in 2013 with 233 billion a year.  They have 29 subcompanies or products that pull in an annual revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

And they want to control your water supply.  Don’t buy Nestle products, as HARD as it’s going to be.

Products include:

Gerber products

L’Oreal (one of the main shareholders)

Stouffer’s products

Carnation products

Willy Wonka products

San Pelligrino

Spillers dog food (UK)


Dryers Ice Cream

Hot Pockets

Jenny Craig

Kraft Frozen Pizzas in the US

Coffe Mate

Dolce Gusto




Sweet Leaf Tea

Bottled Water ( Aqualrel, Arrowhead Water, Contrex, Deer Park Spring, Ice Mountain, Nestle Pure Life, Ozarka, Perrier, Poland Spring, San Pelligrino, vittel)

Carnation (milk)

Juicy Juice




Chocolate (Aero, After 8, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Caramac, Coffee Crisp, Milky Bar, Kit Kat, Lion Bar, Nestle Crunch, Power Bar, Rolo, Smarties)

Haagen-Dazs (US & Canada only)






Lean Cuisine

Dog Chow

Purina One


Gerber Life Insurance

Libbys canned fruits

Maggi Products

It’s all here

Child Labor for Cocoa

Water is NOT a basic human right



Americans for prosperity

Americans for Prosperity is one of those fun groups that tries to tell the poor how the government is trying to keep them poor by raising the minimum wage, making sure everyone has a right to affordable healthcare, can work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment, regulating banks, and ensuring a society that is safe from morons running around with loaded semi automatic or assault weaponry.  Which is just plain douchery.   Anytime you see the phrase ‘free market’,  just remember that when Russian capitalism got so corrupt they actually favored Leninism to ‘free’ them from the ‘free market’.

If Wal-Mart had to raise it’s minimum wage it would hurt poor people

Raising the minimum wage only helps slackers

They support removing federal aid for students that don’t have rich parents or trust funds to pay for schooling

It’s always so interesting to hear the right wing blather on about how poor people are only poor because they choose to be lazy and not better themselves, but don’t want those same poor people that can’t pay their electric bills or feed their children, to somehow magically fund school all on their own.

Americans for prosperity2

james reynolds jrscam alert

James Reynolds Jr took several pages from his mother Rose Perkins and his father James Reynolds Sr’s books.  He’s CEO of the Breast Cancer Society.  In 2011 he reported over $13 million to the IRS but declared that only 2.4% of that ever got to a patient.  His fund raising math must be as bad as his fathers…

worst charities

James reynolds srscam alert

James Reynolds, Sr is President of the Cancer Fund of America.  He pays himself a salary of $230,000 a year and admits that less than 3% of what gets donated to him actually goes to patients with cancer, and then it’s mostly stuffed animals and moon pies.  He also admits to spending 80% of all donations on “fundraising”.   If he’s spending 80% on fundraising and less than 3% of those funds get to the people he’s raising the money for, he really sucks at this job!  He taught ex-wife Rose Perkins and son James Reynolds Jr.

worst charities

rose perkinsscam alert

Rose Perkins is the CEO of the Children’s Cancer Fund of America.  In 2011 she reportedly “raised” over 6 million dollars in cash donations, but can’t account for any of it, nor can any recipients of her ‘Cancer Fund’ be located.  Anywhere.  Ever.  Her ex-husband and son are doing the same thing with different cancer organizations.  Check them out James Reynolds Sr, President of the Cancer Fund of America and her son James Reynolds Jr, CEO of the Breast Cancer Society.  Your hard earned money?  That you thought was going to help children or cancer survivors?  It didn’t, and it won’t.

worst charities


The National Rifle Association has turned into the biggest bullies on the block.  Buying legislation and maintaining an open gun culture where people are allowed to run crazy in the streets armed with militarized weaponry.  Turns out Congress can be bought pretty cheaply.

NRA Buys Congress

Gun Lobbyists Sway Congress

NRA Defends Purchase Of Congressman

NRA: If You Buy It Put A Price On It!



The CATO Institute works hand in hand with the likes of The Heritage Foundation.  They are anti-people and pro big business to the detriment of 97% of Americans.  You don’t want to give money to any company or person that donates money to the CATO institute because they advocate everything that will harm YOU.

Their thoughts on financial aid for students (it just hurts the poor)

Their thoughts on Capitalism (It’s fucking AWESOOOOOME!!)


heritage foundation

The Heritage Foundation tries very hard to push an armed, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration agenda and try to pass it off as fact.  They get all of their information wrong and help perpetuate the right wing capitalist oppression.  Anyone that cites or funds this organization needs to be on the Douchebag List and if they aren’t, please let us know.

Their thoughts on Gay Marriage

Their thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling in US vs Windsor

Their thoughts on gun control

Their thoughts on immigration




The Koch brothers, David and Charles, own several companies and have reach in 47 states.  Their massive wealth is used to elect political figures that will give big industry more rights than people.  They try to dismantle social security and all social programs, while advocating for no regulations of industry.  When you hear talk of the 1% that is ruining our country, they are that 1%.  They also advocated in 2009 to reintroduce segregated schools, including 2.4 million dollars to the Heritage Foundation to get it done, as well as 13.6 million to the CATO Institute.

Buying any of these products will put money in the pockets of the Koch brothers and help bring about the destruction of the middle class working American.  They are also owners of the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Georgia-Pacific Products

Brawny paper towels

Angel Soft toilet paper

Mardis Gras napkins

Quilted Northern paper towels and toilet paper


Sparkle paper towels

Vanity Fair napkins, bowels, plates, table cloths, etc


Stainmaster carpets

polymer fibers for just about any application

Koch Pipelines

Flint Hill Resources (formerly Koch Petroleum Group)

Koch Fertilizer LLC

Koch Agriculture Group / The Matador Land & Cattle Company

Waging War Against The Poor

Retaliating Against Investigative Journalists

What They Did To Detroit

Deregulation Plans

An Oil Powerhouse

Plan for Climate Control