Chevron has been sued by just about everyone with settlements that usually land in the double digit BILLIONS, which it fights to pay, but eventually does years later, after a good portion of the people it’s poisoned has died.  And they are still going strong as ever.  That’s how much money they have, which only hints at how much legislative power they have in our country.  From my own personal experiences with them and a legal battle to boot, they’ve damaged lands and killed hundreds of people, in a multitude of countries.  Yet they are treated like the backbone of America.  Don’t buy it.  Any of it.

1994 Explosion in Wales

1999 Richmond CA Explosion

2011 Richmond CA Explosion

Utah 2010 Spill

Utah 2013 Spill

Brazil Oil Spill

Ecuador Oil Spill

When Ecuadorians sued Chevron for destroying their lands, polluting their water and air, and riddling their communities with disease because of their toxic dumpage, Chevron respond by suing the residents, individually, of those areas because their property taxes were too high

Ecuador’s Side

Why NOT Chevron?

Animation of what happened to cause the explosion in Richmond CA on August 6, 2012

And again, they try and silence the outspoken ones

Their grand plan for the future