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Peter Brabeck has been caught on film ranting about one of his issues.  How water is not a basic human right, and that it should be allowed to be privatized, so corporations can turn a profit on it, as well as decide who is worthy of water and who isn’t.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only strike we have against Nestle, they also do absolutely nothing to interfere or stop the child labor that is used to harvest the cocoa, 600,000 of them, most of whom get no pay.

Nestle was listed in the Global Fortune 500 as the most profitable company in the world in 2011 and 9th in 2013 with 233 billion a year.  They have 29 subcompanies or products that pull in an annual revenue of over 1 billion dollars.

And they want to control your water supply.  Don’t buy Nestle products, as HARD as it’s going to be.

Products include:

Gerber products

L’Oreal (one of the main shareholders)

Stouffer’s products

Carnation products

Willy Wonka products

San Pelligrino

Spillers dog food (UK)


Dryers Ice Cream

Hot Pockets

Jenny Craig

Kraft Frozen Pizzas in the US

Coffe Mate

Dolce Gusto




Sweet Leaf Tea

Bottled Water ( Aqualrel, Arrowhead Water, Contrex, Deer Park Spring, Ice Mountain, Nestle Pure Life, Ozarka, Perrier, Poland Spring, San Pelligrino, vittel)

Carnation (milk)

Juicy Juice




Chocolate (Aero, After 8, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Caramac, Coffee Crisp, Milky Bar, Kit Kat, Lion Bar, Nestle Crunch, Power Bar, Rolo, Smarties)

Haagen-Dazs (US & Canada only)






Lean Cuisine

Dog Chow

Purina One


Gerber Life Insurance

Libbys canned fruits

Maggi Products

It’s all here

Child Labor for Cocoa

Water is NOT a basic human right



Forever 21

forever 21


Not only are they a religiously motivated business, they also refuse to provide their employees with healthcare, which I’m sure is what God told them to do.  With the Affordable Healthcare Act looming in the distance as a mandatory part of owning a business, they have decided that in a downward spiraling economy, what the world really needs isn’t healthcare, but less hours at a below liveable wage. WWJD?

Cutting Hours

Cutting Hours

Cutting Hours

When business report profit margins in the millions, they have NO excuse for not providing their employees with a liveable wage and affordable healthcare.  Period.

dennys hurricane grill

John Metz owns Denny’s and Hurricane Grill & Wings and has no problems telling the world that he hates the Affordable Healthcare Act so much he’s willing to cut all his employees to under 29 hours so he won’t have to worry about them making rent or getting healthcare when they are sick.  The executive chiefs of these companies say Metz shouldn’t be spouting off and that they don’t support his views, but he OWNS the companies.


Obamacare surcharge

A scolding


red lobsterolive garden

Jumped on the bandwagon to make employees part time to avoid having to provide them with Affordable Healthcare.

Profit Plunge

And the medicare debacle

Not My Fault!


AAA parking


Parking company largely based in Georgia, Tennessee and Florida

They really don’t want to have to provide affordable healthcare for it’s employees

Their locations


hardeescarls jr

red burritogreen burrito

These guys are right on par with the other douchebag owners that don’t want to provide affordable healthcare to their thousands of employees while raking in millions in profit every year.


And more

Freaking out


pillar hotels

This parent company owns a LOT of hotels in a LOT of states, but yet they still refuse to pay their employees a liveable wage and provide them with affordable healthcare.  While they rake in billions of dollars in profit every year.  They own 205 hotels at the time of this posting.

Fairfield Inn & Suites ~ Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi,

Residence Inn ~ Massachusettes, Iowa, Florida, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Virginia, Nevada, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, Georgia, New Jersey, Iowa, Arizona

Hampton Inn ~ Illinois, California, Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Tennesee, New Jersey, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvannia,        Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, Ohio, Colorado, Massachusettes, Indiana, Georgia

Courtyard ~ Kansas, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois

Hyatt Place ~ Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Minnesota, Nevada, Kansas, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Louisiana, Maryland, New Mexico

Homewood Suites ~ Texas, Massachusettes, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvannia, California, Rhode Island

Comfort Suites ~ Arizona, New York, Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, Texas

Country Inn & Suites ~ Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma

Holiday Inn Express ~ Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Nevada, Wisconsin, Kansas

Holiday Inn ~ S. Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Louisianna, Kentucky

TownePlace Suites ~ New York, Indiana, Texas, Virgina

SpringHill Suites ~ Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma

Sleep Inn ~ El Paso, TX  & Las Cruces, NM

Sheraton ~ California

Four Point ~ California

Wingate ~ Mississippi

Hilton Garden Inn ~ Ft. Worth, Tx

A complete list of hotels and their locations

It’s Obama’s Fault! Thank HIM





The applebee’s franchise in New York that is owned by the Apple-Metro Inc, group has insisted that if Obamacare gets put into law, they will slash employee hours to make everyone part time to side step the mandate.  So not only do they want to pay people below minimum wage under the guise that ‘tips’ make up for the rest in a struggling economy, they also don’t want to help their employees get affordable healthcare.  You know, because waitresses and cooks are so easily replaceable.

Applebee’s in these locations are affected: Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, Westchester County, Manhattan, Rockland County

See this

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This is really bad…



ruby tuesdaykfc

taco bellhu hot

Does NOT want to provide affordable healthcare for it’s employees despite returning millions in profit for 2012.  100 restaurants in 11 states.  With thousands of employees that they want to cut to less than 30 hours a week.  People already struggling to survive by working at Taco Bell and KFC.  Avoid these locations

Cutting hours

Here and Here

also here

regal cinnemas

Refusing to provide affordable healthcare for their employees and cutting hours to avoid the mandate.  Disgusting.

Cutting Hours


Aaaaand backlash