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pat mccrory2

North Carolina’s 74th Governor, Pat McCrory, has barely been in office for 7 months and has already gone back on every promise he made to his voters, reminding them again why they haven’t elected a Republican Governor in over 30 years.  Hopefully his attack on the Constitution will be enough to cure North Carolina of making that mistake again.

Tries to get sneaky and insert abortion restrictions into a motorcycle safety bill.

After promising to his voters that he would not add ANY abortion bills while in office, he does

Then he offers protesters cookies and a God Bless

Been in office 7 months and his approval rating is down 15 points

Doesn’t care about women, children or minorities (like most GOP) just look

Check out his Moral Mondays where hundreds of protesters are also denied their right to speak against the Government






don gaetz


Don Gaetz is a Republican member of the Florida Senate and is Senate President for the 2013-2015 session.  He’s also under investigation for Medicare fraud.

Latest Scandal

Which makes the video below hilarious in our opinion.


Everything that can be said about Chick-Fil-A, has already been said, they just needed to take their rightful place on ‘The List’.  They do bad bad stuff with your money that extends beyond the eliminate gayness agenda.  You reeeeally don’t want to give your money to these douchebags.

Yup, They’re Anti-Gay.  Still.

Follow The Money

Huf-Po Chick-Fil-A Hates The Gays Section


heritage foundation

The Heritage Foundation tries very hard to push an armed, anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration agenda and try to pass it off as fact.  They get all of their information wrong and help perpetuate the right wing capitalist oppression.  Anyone that cites or funds this organization needs to be on the Douchebag List and if they aren’t, please let us know.

Their thoughts on Gay Marriage

Their thoughts on the Supreme Court ruling in US vs Windsor

Their thoughts on gun control

Their thoughts on immigration





Wal-Mart is anti-women’s rights, anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-labor laws and refuses to adopt fair and humane production practices when dealing with 3rd world countries.  This corporation is the worst of the worst.  They put small businesses out of commission and force people in poor rural areas to shop at their stores, or do without as in many small towns across the country only have a Walmart for it’s residents for miles and miles.  We shouldn’t be forced to swallow practices we would never endorse, simply because we are poor or live in small communities.

Wal-Mart Anti-Women’s Rights

Wal-Mart Anti-Gay Rights

ACLU wins fight against Walmart

And then there’s This Jackass

Rick Perry

Here is Rick Perry saying allowing gay scouts into the boy scouts would be the decline of America.

He’s also very anti-woman.