Vicki Marble

Oh, Colorado…. Just when I was starting to like you, you go and ruin it for me. When most people think of Colorado and they think of  the picturesque post card scenery or beautiful  mountains covered in fresh snow, filled with beautiful snow bunnies giving out hand fulls of legal marijuana. No? Is that just me? Turns out no matter how progressive your state is’ chances are you have an undercover bigot representing you. Now these undercover bigots are very hard to spot because they’re so well versed in lying about being a bigot or racist that they have begun to believe their lies. Point in case.  Viki Marble come on down your next on the douche bag showcase list!!

Republican Senator for Colorado’s 23rd district’  Vicki Marble has landed herself on the douche bag list for her blatant racist comments towards African Americans and Hispanic Americans. It really makes one think if the SCOTUS, really thought through the decision to repeal the Voting Rights Act. If blatant racism is okay by the standards of our elected officials, then we as a society are doomed to live in an unjust world for longer than necessary. It is our duty as voters to make sure when an ELECTED official steps out of line in such a manner that it breaks moral and ethical standards that we replace them with someone who can truly represent the good of the people without letting their own personal feelings, and beliefs guide them. You are not the to represent your interests, you represent THE PEOPLE’S interest.