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Wal-Mart is anti-women’s rights, anti-LGBTQ rights, anti-labor laws and refuses to adopt fair and humane production practices when dealing with 3rd world countries.  This corporation is the worst of the worst.  They put small businesses out of commission and force people in poor rural areas to shop at their stores, or do without as in many small towns across the country only have a Walmart for it’s residents for miles and miles.  We shouldn’t be forced to swallow practices we would never endorse, simply because we are poor or live in small communities.

Wal-Mart Anti-Women’s Rights

Wal-Mart Anti-Gay Rights

ACLU wins fight against Walmart

And then there’s This Jackass


Rick Perry

Here is Rick Perry saying allowing gay scouts into the boy scouts would be the decline of America.

He’s also very anti-woman.


This jackass wants to teach men how to sexually assault women and call it a guide to romance.  This guy shouldn’t be giving advice to anyone, let alone actually being able to exist around live women.  Quick tip for you guys that can’t get women to sleep with you, raping them and sexually assaulting them will not win you any points with women.  Ever.  Not even in 3rd world countries where women don’t have rights.  Not even there.

And one more little thing.  If his promo video wasn’t a guide to rape, why did he take it down from every place on the web that had it?  Ashamed much?



This woman is worse than male politicians that want to limit a woman’s rights over her own body.  For a woman to be anti-woman is beyond insane and deplorable.

She’s also anti-child healthcare evidently.