zombie apocalypse

The Douchebag List came out of a very simple concept when it became glaringly obvious that our government and elected officials no longer represented the voice or the issues of the people.  And  when corporations were awarded the same rights as people so that they could funnel money into the political system effectively buying laws and regulations (truthfully buying a lack of laws and regulations), a group of conscientious, educated consumers realized two things.  First, that our system of checks and balances was broken in this country and second, when the voice of the many is ignored, the many must fight back in the only way corrupt people understand.  STOP GIVING THEM MONEY.

The more people that can jump onto this movement, the faster we can take back control of the majority vote in America.  If you are unsure where a particular candidate or political official stands on women’s issues, LGBTQ issues, gun rights, affirmative action, immigration, the military, you name it, if they are anti-people and pro-establishment to the detriment of Americans, they will be on our list.  Please STOP GIVING THEM MONEY.  If you are unsure whether you should give your money to a particular business or store, check and see if they are on the Douchebag List for labor law violations, employee rights violations, women’s rights violations, political & religious affiliation (who they give YOUR money to), and whether or not they add or detract from the environment before giving them your money.

This way of life is not going to be easy, but the direction our country is headed is scary at best and rapidly becoming oppressive at worst.  The time for ease and complacency are gone.  Our Constitution is being trampled on by our elected officials so that they can line their pockets and steal livelihood and humanity from Americans.  It has to stop.  The only way it will is if you STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY.

If you feel that you have been mislabeled as a Douchebag and would like a redaction, please follow these simple steps and we will get this rectified.


Step 2: Engage in Human practices and behaviors

Step 3: It’s really that easy.

To Clear Up Any Confusion…

The DBL is NOT a forum and it’s not up for debate.

The DBL is a global social movement.  It’s for responsible consumers

and educated voters that care to exercise the last remaining unalienated right we have,

with the last declaration of our voice that we have left.  Who we give our money to.

Knowing what the people we give our money to, DOES with our dollars, is vital to this movement.

That’s why The DBL exists.   Don’t give your money to these people or anyone that

contributes to them.

We aren’t Liberals, we aren’t Feminists, we aren’t politically aligned with ANY of our current

politicians as they are all corrupt and need to go.  We aren’t Christians, or Satanists, or aligned with

any religious or spiritual view.  We aren’t even Atheists or Pagans.

With so many people using their voice to just try and talk over everyone else, we knew our voice

had a purpose.  So we created a site, with a purpose.  A very specific purpose.

Taking back ownership of our Lives as Americans by bleeding dry the capitalist

parasite that has been bleeding US dry for far too long.